Last Updated: January 2008

Martin Zimmerman

Computer Systems Analyst, Architect & Software Developer

A computer systems analyst and architect with over 20 years of progressive multi-disciplinary experience and success in designing, developing, maintaining, and supporting windows, unix, embedded, real-time systems and .Net applications as well as over 14 years experience with enterprise class unix servers, workstations, file and database servers. Strong talent for seeing the “big picture” and leveraging that to deliver visionary thinking, robust and reliable solutions for software design and development, particularly of embedded, remote, and mission-critical systems. Ability to recognize and incorporate business value into projects of all types.

“Martin is one of those “Pragmatic Programmers” who you need on every team.
I would work with Martin on my time, any time, any where.”

– Rick Duff, Owner, Astra Network, 2004

My view of Martin — * Impressed by the quality and completeness of his solution * Resourcefulness and creativity applied to every task * Excellent problem solving skills * Unmatched expertise in real world QNX solutions * Disciplined development habits * A true system engineering perspective.”
– James St.Clair, CTO, Demand Data Services, 2004


Core Competencies

  • System Design & Architecture
  • C & C# programming languages
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Debugging / Troubleshooting
  • Custom Communications Protocols
  • QNX Neutrino RTOS
  • Root Cause Analysis & Forensics
  • Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Unix
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Unix Shell and AWK Scripting
  • .Net Application Development
  • Oracle, SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
Languages: C#, ANSI C, SQL, Assembly Language, AWK, SED, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML
SSH, UUCP, VNC, WEP, CDPD, CDMA 1x, GPRS, 802.11, Satellite (Gilat 360E,
Hughes ComSat), Apache, IPfilter/IPtables, SAN
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Dec OSF/1, Windows NT/2000/XP Professional
.Net 1.1 & 2.0, Windows Server 2003, VMWare (Workstation, Server, ESX, VI3, Lab Manager
Embedded Platforms: QNX2, 4, 6 (Neutrino / Momentics) & QNX Photon
Development Tools: CVS, Perforce, Visual Studio (2003, 2005)
Industrial Protocols: MODBUS, ROC, Cimrex, HARD, TCP/IP, custom serial protocols
Business: Business Analysis, Systems Engineering and Design,BAAN IV ERP, Product Data Management systems,
Business presentations (PowerPoint), Supply Chain Management, Organization Design,
NEMI PDX, Business Process Development and Analysis


Professional Experience

SPIRA DATA CORP., Calgary, Alberta
(Electronic Field Ticketing Software)
2005 – 2008
Senior Software Developer
Leveraged my extensive C knowledge to accelerate my competency in C# and become a productive contributor to the ongoing .Net application development. Utilized analysis of the application database schema to become the database expert and guide database-related development and design.  Contributed to the ongoing development and troubleshooting of the legacy application and provided design expertise for the addition of “dialtone reliable” messaging. The application provided electronic field ticketing capabilities to the oil field service industry including complex pricing models, invoicing, distributed data, and exports to accounting systems for payroll and invoice data. Worked closely with the Quality Assurance team to improve the customer experience, usability, and reliability of the application.
Selected Contributions:

  • Communications Solutions – Conceived and implemented a reliable messaging solution for .dialtone reliability”. Solution consisted of a custom TCP-level protocol, packet serialization, queuing mechanism, queuing database, queue management API, and architecture for an application message bus for distributed messaging.
  • Distributed Data Management – Designed and developed data formats and algorithms for publishing database updates to mobile / distributed clients.  Algorithms performed primary key comparisons, insert vs. update logic, and synchronization of id values across multiple database instances. Architected an additional mechanism which layered on the communications solution to provide distributed life cycle control of key business objects.
  • Software Forensics – Performed in-depth investigation of several complex erroneous behaviors in production / shipping code, performing advanced debugging, tracing, simulation, testing, and code analysis to identify the root-cause. Formulated corrective action, implemented code fixes and testing of fixes to ensure that root-cause analysis identified the actual issues.
(Application Service Provider for the oil and gas industry)
2002 – 2004
Senior Embedded Systems Developer and UNIX Systems Administrator
Progressed on the fast-track to increasingly responsible positions within this start-up company. Initially contracted to create load testing software and conduct performance testing, then hired to maintain UNIX systems to support projected growth.  Maintained environment with Solaris 8 and 9, Windows 2000 Server, Checkpoint FW-1, Netscreen, Oracle 8 and 9, Weblogic 6 and 7, and QNX. Architected and designed embedded device to provide data collection and secure, encrypted data delivery from
remote RTUs, SCADA hosts, and other devices.
Selected Contributions:

  • Communications Solutions – Developed a protocol-independent “virtual serial port” utility and server that transports serial communications over an internet link while compensating for link latency.
  • Systems Enhancement – Designed and implemented embedded remote data transmission solution for field data collection to bring information from SCADA sites over satellite links. Designed and implemented back-end configuration management and data processing server processes for data collection system.
  • Technology Improvement – Merged HTTP SSI and QNX data server functionality to produce an embedded web server capable of implementing complex web interfaces using only server-parsed HTML files and the QNX data server process.
NORTEL NETWORKS, Calgary, Alberta
(Global Telecommunications and Networking Equipment provider)
1996 – 2002
Project Leader (Global Operations Engineering) (2000-2002)
Software Developer, Systems Administrator, IT/IS Support (1997-2000)
Software Developer, Systems Adminstrator (1996-1997)
Maintained a custom QNX-based factory automation system for PCB and final product manufacturing. Supported and maintained an enterprise-class HP-UX server for reliable manufacturing, product data management, and ERP data feeds thru the use of Oracle 7/8. Created custom reports using PL/SQL and AWK, integrated with BAAN IV ERP system. Created custom data loader scripting, filtering, debugging, and custom report generation. Provided manufacturing engineering system expertise to multiple, global product design and manufacturing locations, as well as business process analysis for the implementation of new product and component identification and coding systems and product data management systems. Worked closely with contract electronics manufacturing partners to co-ordinate the exchange of product engineering data between systems.
Selected Contributions:

  • Standards Development – Contributed to the creation and refinement of several NEMI PDX related documents and standards: IPC-2571, IPC-2576, IPC-2577, and IPC-2578.
  • Businesss Process Improvement – Provided manufacturing engineering systems expertise and guidance for the development and deployment of an enterprise-wide tool for transferring product engineering data to contract electronics manufacturers.
  • Supply-Chain Improvement – Assisted in the major supply-chain implementation of BAAN IV and SAP to replace legacy systems and executed engineering data migration scripts to enable flash cut-over from legacy MRP to BAAN IV ERP and PDM environments.
(Providers of digital mud-logging services to the oil & gas industry)
1990 – 1996
Software Design, Development, Architecture
Designed and coded a complete QNX-based well site real-time data acquisition system for digital mud-logging. System included low-level hardware device drivers, data acquisition, scaling and smoothing, custom database design and development, real-time and database data plotting, real-time graphical displays, interfacing with high-speed gas chromatographs, intelligent alarming and rig drilling status monitoring.
Selected Contributions:

  • Product Development – Developed one of the most advanced digital mud-logging systems, allowing Datalog to become a global leader in the delivery of advanced digital mud-logging services.
(Environmental clean-up and monitoring)
1987 – 1989
Software Developer
Developed a proof of concept electronic monitoring system to detect spills from underground gasoline storage tanks. Assisted in the specification of a custom hardware 2nd generation monitoring system, developed the back-end server for automated data collection and processing from 2nd generation system.
Selected Contributions:

  • Tool Development – Designed and developed an 8085 assembler with dynamic runtime loader module to assist in the development and integration of machine-code software components.

Contract Experience

(Motion-control automation equipment provider)
2004 – 2005
Embedded Systems Consultant / Analyst, QNX Expert
Contracted to provide QNX expertise to assist outsourced software development team and to perform software architectural design reviews, root-cause analysis and advanced debugging. Responsible for ongoing system design and implementation improvements as well as QNX software development training and best practices.
Selected Contributions:

  • Network Debugging – Worked closely with QNX R&D staff to reproduce a complex network software failure to allow QNX R&D staff to track-down and correct the issue. Issue turned out to be in the QNX6/Neutrino kernel and the fix will be included in a future release of the QNX6/Neutrino RTOS.
  • Root Cause Analysis – Performed high-level system design reviews combined with observations of actual system implementatoin to identify issues allowing for permanent solutions to be created as well as some preventative solutions.
ASTRA NETWORK, Winnipeg, Manitoba
(QNX Colsulting / Custom Software Company)
2002 – 2002
Software Developer
Contracted to assist with software development and design for a medical therapeutic bed project for a medical device customer. Enhanced debugging capabilities to speed development and diagnosis of field issues through the use of capture and playback capabilities.
Selected Contributions:

  • Technology Improvement – Proposed and designed a new strategy for the implementation of an XML-based layout component that simplified product development.
ELECTROCOM AUTOMATION, Arlington, Texas, USA 1996 – 1997
Software Developer
Created a software test suite of tools for testing x86 CPU cache, functional and performance testing of CD-ROM and hard-drives.
THOMAS EQUIPMENT, San Antonio, Texas, USA 1997 – 2000
Systems Architect, Designer, Software Developer
Contracted to architect, design and maintain a Communications Processor as part of the SMARTS (Self-Monitoring Advanced Remote Technology System) Consortium. The project was sponsored by the US Air Force TRP (Technology Reinvestment Program) and the US Department of Defense (DoD) and was comprised of two sub-projects, collecting environmental data for Patriot Missiles as well as fog and strain gauge sensors for a drawbridge via radio (802.11b) modems. Formal presentation of system design to an audience of US Air Force, Army, Navy, DoD, and DARPA personnel. Second independent project utilized the HART protocol in an embedded system for multiple oilfield pumping,
drilling, and service applications.
Selected Contributions:

  • Archiectural Design – Designed and developed Communications Processor to communicate via RF modem to collect and archive data, command-queue data for remote units, display graphical presentation of data, track health of remote units, and send intelligent-alarming via alphanumeric paging.
  • System Management Solution – Developed and implemented remote management with Photon via modem, land-line, and cellular communication.
  • Communications Enhancement – Achieved remote management with Photon and Phindows on network and modem connections via dial-up and cellular.
RADIO SYSTEMS, Bridgeport, New Jersey, USA 1995 – 1996
Software Developer
Corrected timing-related problems in real-time audio drivers for commercial digital radio broadcast equipment.
LOVE SOFTWARE, Calgary, Alberta
(Custom software developers)
1989 – 1990
Software Developer
Assisted in the development of a custom QNX-based office automation, inventory, and integrated accounting system supporting multiple locations and nightly data synchronization via modem communications. Assisted in the development of a garment tag tracking system for a customer in the dry-cleaning industry.


Professional Development

Training Courses / Professional Conferences:
  • QNX 1989 Conference, Ottawa, 1989
  • QNX 2000 Conference, Vancouver, 2000
  • ColdFusion, Calgary, 1999
Professional Affiliations:
  • Calgary Unix Users Group, Board of Directors, 1996-1998

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